Archery Darts

Archery Darts player walking to dartboard on astro surface


Matthew Pickett hitting "55" at Archery Darts on Mike's Stag. The group enjoyed a combo of Bubble Football, Archery Darts and Foot Darts right here at Astrobay Galway!

Ciara Millar Hen

Ciara Millar Hen

The brilliant Ciara Millar Hen Party group enjoying our Alternative Old School Sports Day! 

Arra Vasc Galway

Group of employees from Arra Vasc Galway


Lovely group of work mates from Arra Vasc Galway enjoying a bit of "bubble bonding" at the Bay. Thank to Carmel for booking!

EA at Astrobay

EA Group photo at Astrobay Bubble Football

Super group from EA Games Galway enjoying a "Bubble Blitz" at the weekend. Thanks to Deniss Maksimovs for organising!

Ideal activities for Stags

Astro pitch set up for multiple activities for a Stag party


All set for a Foot Dart, Dodge Ball and Battle Zone Archery Combo. Ideal activities for Stags, Sports and Social and Corporate groups. 

Dave's Stag

Stag group pose for team photo

Dave Askin's Stag group enjoying a Battle Zone Archery and Bubble Football Combo at Astrobay at the weekend.